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Forged German Treasure Banknotes

During the past three years a single eBay seller has flooded the market with WWI German Treasure notes overprinted for use in Iran (Pick M1-M5). Even the two high denominations of 100 and 1000 Marks with only one copy of each existing in the "German War Museum", have come to market in consecutive pairs and even errors !

Since several official letters to eBay, numerous e-mails by many many collectors who have fallen victim to this fraud, have not resulted any action by eBay, we have decided to dedicate a web page for these "Forged Iran Banknotes".  For further info please click here, and select the first item from the left hand side menu.

If you have purchased a German Treasury note from eBay make sure to send it to a reputable Banknote dealer for authentication. Consult INBS (International Bank Note Society) website: http://www.TheIBNS.org for a list of dealers, or ask us to supply you names of US dealers.



We are gradually moving all the available banknotes of Iran to our Middle East Banknotes website.  This  www.IranBanknotes.com will stay as a reference site, will not be updated (has not been changed since 2004).  To buy Iran banknotes, please visit www.MEbanknotes.com



First two issues of Shah

Pick 39-52

Issues from 1330-1332

Pick 54-62

1333 Issue

Pick 64-67




1337 Issue

Pick 68-70

1340-1343 Issues

Pick 71-77

The "Necktie" issue

Pick 78-83




The "Dark Panel" issue

Pick 84-89

The "Light Panel" issue

Pick 90-96

The Commemorative issues

Pick 97-8 and 108




The Last issue of Shah

Pick 100-107

Provisional Banknotes
Pick 110-131

Current Banknotes

Pick 132-146

Iranian Azerbaijan

Fancy Numbers

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