In November of 1945, a rebellious group in the northern province of Iran led by Jafar Pishevari declared autonomous republic and issued the following 6 banknotes.


The denomination of each note is printed on the four corners in numbers and letters (See Image). In the center of the banknote “The treasury of Democratic Party of Azerbaijan” is printed in Turkish language.  The banknotes are signed by the Treasurer and the Minister of finance. 


On the back three clauses are printed in Turkish: (See Image)

     1. Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan guarantees this banknote

     2. This document is to be used by the public

     3. The forgers will be punished by law

The banknotes have printed signature, and a circular blue hand stamp on the left side (with Esfand 1324 date in the center).  Some high values have been seen hand signed which are quite scarce.  Several years ago a hoard of 50 Toman “Remainders” came to market, they are mostly UNC and HAVE NO SERIAL NUMBER.



Catalog #



Description & Condition

Pick S101

5 Kran


Not available at this time


Pick S102

1 Toman


UNC, Serial #191519           

Pick S102

1 Toman


F, Serial #730995     

Pick S102

1 Toman


F, Serial #401202     

Pick S102

1 Toman


F, Serial #420100    


Pick S103

2 Toman




Pick S104

5 Toman


VG-F, Serial #211727 


Pick S105

10 Toman


VF+, Serial #120985           


Pick S106

50 Toman


VF + hand signed.  Serial #410046    

Pick S106

50 Toman


VG-F, Serial #511110 

Pick S106

50 Toman


UNC, Remainder, No Serial number


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