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Our aim from starting this web page is to list Official and Financial Documents, which we have accumulated during many years, or will come across in different shows, web sites or auctions.


The intention is mainly to list them, and share the related info with interested collectors with the hope of gathering more accurate and detailed data.  Naturally those items, which are available in more than one, will be priced for sell.  The following info is for public use and we would appreciate hearing from collectors who have similar items for sell or adding to this list.


Items which are NOT generally categorized as

“Stamps”, “Coins”, or “Banknotes”

will be listed in this page.



Bond: Signed by Dr. Mosadegh


This is a Government Bond with a Face Value of 100 Rials issued during the financial and oil crises of 1330 (1951) and signed by Dr. Mohammad Mosadegh, the Prime Minister of Iran at the time.


On the right hand side there are two vouchers for 6% annual interest.  There is a red stamp on the back overprinted  “Gharze Meli Radif Aval”, National Bonds First Series, with a hand written 22/11/30 Persian date (Feb. 1952).  The size is 11.5 X 6.5".   Price $150.00 (not available). 





Company Stock: 50 Tomans


This is a single share of “Mosodieh Co. of Isfahan” worth 50 Tomans.  The Capital of the company is listed as 250,000 Toman on the upper right circle, and on the facing left side circle, and above the 4 digit number, “5000 shares of 50 Toman each”.


There is no date except a 13_ _ (the first two digits of the Persian calendar) at the end of the third line.  On the back the terms and conditions are spelled out (the “Fine Prints”).  From the text and construction of the sentences, this Stock can be placed at around the turn of the century.


Further info will be highly appreciated.




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